Made Royalty Bandana Pullover Unisex Hoodie (Royal Purple, Gold & White)


Fabric type
100% Polyester Blend, Machine Washable.
Care instructions
Machine Wash
Made in the USA
Closure type
Pull On
Country of Origin

About this item

  • Light Weight Polyester blend
  • Runs True to Size
  • Unique Branded Clothing
  • Professional Sublimation

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    Introducing a vibrant Bandana Pullover Hoodie, perfect for customers who want to showcase their unique style. This hoodie features a graphic print design with a colorful bandana pattern that highlights your love for designer fashion. The hoodie is made of high-quality polyester material, making it comfortable and machine washable for everyday use. The hoodie comes with an embroidered logo that adds a touch of sophistication to the pullover. This Bandana Pullover Hoodie is suitable for casual wear and is ideal for those who love to express themselves through fashion. Get this hoodie today and add a colorful and stylish addition to your wardrobe.


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